Catharine Ward Thompson is Professor of Landscape Architecture and directs OPENspace – the research centre for inclusive access to outdoor environments (http://www.openspace.eca.ac.uk) – at the University of Edinburgh. She has led several multidisciplinary research collaborations investigating relationships between environment and health, including GreenHealth, which explored links between green space and stress mitigation in deprived urban groups. A more recent, longitudinal study, funded by the UK’s National Institute of Health Research, considered health outcomes from interventions to enhance deprived urban communities’ access to local woodlands. She has studied older people’s access to outdoor environments and quality of life in a series of projects funded by UK Research Councils since 2003. The most recent of these, Mobility, Mood and Place, used innovative techniques to explore neural activity evident in older participants while they moved between different types of environment. She recently contributed to a report for WHO’s European Regional office on links between urban green spaces and health.