Friday, October 19, 2018 | 4:00pm – 5:30pm

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In order to better support older adults to be socially connected, live healthy lifestyles and maintain  independence, provincial initiatives like Better at Home, Active Aging and Sector Strengthening (collectively referred to “Healthy Aging”) aim to support older adults to stay at home and in their communities for longer. We work with community agencies, local, provincial, and federal governments, and donors to build our vision of a healthy, caring, inclusive community for all members, and embrace a holistic setting where older adults have unrestricted access to community programs and services so that they can age in place. United Way’s investments that support universal seniors’ wellness are bolstered by the larger Community-Based-Seniors’ Services (CBSS) Sector – which includes municipal governments and non- profit organizations that provide programming to older adults and their families – and together, we are paving the pathway towards an integrated, older adult-centered model of care in BC.

Recent CBSS consultations and research on evidence-based programs has identified a number of important issues and opportunities in the sector, including the need for more communication, coordination, collaboration, and capacity building.  In service to these positive outcomes for older adults, the following initiatives have been created to foster coordination, communication and collaboration within the sector:

Policy Dialogue and Declaration of the CBSS Sector  

  • A signed demonstration of the commitment to the seniors of BC to ensure that CBSS are a priority for all stakeholders who serve the people of our province. This call to action sparks discussion on policy gaps and reviews existing policies to be leveraged

Municipal Caucus

  • 20 Municipal representatives meet quarterly and commit to sharing ways government can be more engaged, and support policy and resolutions in support of older adults to age in place.

CBSS Leadership Council

  • Commission to increase the capacity of the CBSS sector, identify systemic and emerging policy issues and address them with key partners to support the wellbeing of the BC’s communities

CBSS Knowledge Hub

  • The goal of the Knowledge Hub is to build capacity within the CBSS sector, foster cohesion, and increase collaboration with larger institutional partners to support older adults with increasingly complex needs who want to live in their own homes and communities for as long as possible.